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Marius den Hollander

Marius sees himself in the future as a teacher at Hoornbeeck College.

The Secondary Vocational Education (MBO) has been good choice for him.


After a day’s visit, he was totally convinced, now he thinks he’s going to start a part-time Higher Vocational Education (HBO) in commerce and gain work experience. Hoornbeeck College distinguishes itself from other Secondary Vocational Education (MBO) institutions by its identity. This is what the school really advocates for, not only at the day openings but also in the classroom, attention is paid to guidance and preparation.


It is remarkable that within Hoornbeeck College you are not seen as a number but you are fine the way you are. Everything is negotiable and people listen to you.


His membership of the student council and participation in the think tank PR provides him additional motivation and a sense of depth. Highlights for Marius are: a visit to China after a year of missionary action in Kampen and the ‘strategic policy day’ in Kesteren with all managers.


“To be seen. Respect for each other. This is what I like the most inside the Hoornbeeck College.”


Marius den Hollander

- student education assistant & student council member –

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