Studenten aan het woord

Lieselotte Blonk & Debora Tomassen

Israel | Alyn Hospital Jerusalem

Mbo-Nursing | Healthcare

Lieselotte Blonk: 

“It is very nice to see the contact between Jewish and Palestinian children playing together. But also that a Jewish nurse gives a Palestinian woman a goodbye hug.”

“The culture is totally different in the Middle East, many different religions, languages and people. Medical care works with fewer protocols than in the Netherlands, but the quality does not change as a result.”



Debora Tomassen: 

 “We wanted to broaden our horizons by looking beyond your own country, including the medical world.”

“At Hoornbeeck College we learned how to incorporate Christianity into your profession. Being a nurse with your heart. Charity, also from a biblical perspective.” Debora recommends it to anyone who gets the chance to do an internship abroad!

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