Docenten aan het woord

Mw. G. Lambregtse-Baan

According to Gerdien, opportunities for professionalisation for and by teachers are very well arranged at Hoornbeeck College. There is also a lot of attention for individual guidance, good guidance for students (in nursing education) and the opportunity to follow tailor-made programmes. Identity and quality become concrete because the love for God and for one’s neighbour gets an additional attention.


Gerdien is the right contact person for internships and subsidies of Erasmus+. The Hoornbeeck is more focused on Europe considering its management capacity, safety, accessibility, labour market opportunities and alignment with European objectives. She has visited many foreign internships in Germany, England, Hungary and Surinam. A special experience for Gerdien was to be present as an evaluator at the IC in Surinam. Structural international relationships are important in order to make clear agreements about supervision and assessment.


“A combination of identity and quality is what characterises Hoornbeeck College.”


Gerdien Lambregtse-Baan

- teacher and internship coordinator (local & international) -